Diploma in Executive and corporate Coaching, Diploma in personal coaching, Certificate in coaching, Bar on EQi – EI self reporting and assessment, MSCEIT Emotional Intelligence objective assessment, NLP Practioner course
I am a consultant paediatrician and qualified professional coach. I have 20 years’ experience of mentoring informally and have 8 years’ experience of structured coaching and mentoring.

I have been nominated for award for association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants.

I have done coaching and mentoring of nearly 600 doctors ( coached all grades of doctors from SHOs to Consultants and Doctors in leadership position). I have also mentored medical students and other health professionals including managers and have helped a good number of SAS doctors, particularly International doctors from overseas.

I have special interest in mentoring doctors in difficulty and have mentored over 20 doctors in difficulty including trainees and senior doctors in hospital jobs (and small number of GP)

I have mentored doctors on professional issues (including that on career problems/ advancement, personal conflicts, relationship problems, team issues, leadership position, interview skills coaching etc. I have also coached many GPs who have taken role in commissioning, as it was a new challenge.

Although currently a good part of work is on emotional intelligence coaching and leadership coaching, the rest of my work is career coaching including career planning and interview performance, personal breakthrough coaching and mediation coaching.

Coaching Qualities

  • Business Coaching for Virgin Start Ups

  • Business Coaching for Yorkshire Businesses

  • Emotional Intelligence Coaching

  • Neuro-linguistic programming

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Training the Trainers Coaching

  • Coaching High Achievers

  • Health Care NHS Coaching

  • CEO and Director's Coaching

  • Coaching Doctors

Lead Coach for The Coaching Network Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management

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