Eintel organisation has determination to provide highest standards in coaching using the recent research and practical experience. We use system based as well as outcome based coaching and hence good results are inevitable.
Client’s needs are analysed in detail and the coaching tools and system are designed to meet the needs. This is then piloted and tested before rolling out in the particular organisation or company. There is also a system of constant observation and assessment of effectivity of the programme. If a change or twist is needed, the coaches change the programme after discussion with faculties and observers.

Eintel Organisation not only develops cutting edge professional coaching tools, techniques and resources but also conducts research which includes investigating the latest case studies; interviewing leading practitioners in their field as well as their clients to gain early insights; listening to the industry leaders in their field who have established coaching programs and; compiling and testing best practices, techniques, processes and practical models. This ongoing, intensive research, development and testing program allow us to continually update/upgrade our coaching program -ensuring our worldwide clients receive the best-of-the-best in world-standard professional coaching.

We know that as practitioners we need to distinguish the differences in coaching which emphasizes operational mastery (hard/technical/positional skills) and coaching which aims to develop and enhance personal mastery skills (soft skills). Yet the psychological foundations of the two types of coaching differ only in degrees. Certainly, coaching to enhance soft skills focuses on exploring and working with values, beliefs, emotions and resistance etc. However, even when the coaching focus is on hard skills the same psychological processes are at play albeit to a lesser degree. Coaches, regardless of their specialty niche, also have to be skilled in recognizing and working with the psychological processes of the individual and the organization. The professional coaching meets challenge of change behaviour and achieving goal in a swift way.

If you engage Eintel, you rest assure that you are getting the best and we re-assure that the organisational as well personal needs of the employees are met in the best possible way. We use emotional intelligence technology to align personal and professional goals.